Sweet Olive Floral is a floral design studio specializing in wedding and event, floral styling and freelance floral design.  

Created by designer Kate Orso and based in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  Sweet Olive Floral is available for editorial styling, freelance design and destination events.   

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I feel passionate that everyone should have their wedding reflect who they are. Everyone has a personal style and that should be an important part of their big day.


Hi. I’m Kate. Just so you know a little about me before we get started.  I love drinkware and the appropriate cocktails that go in them, all things food, my family (which includes my engineer husband and my sweet puppy) and flowers of course!

When I dreamed of what I wanted to be when I grew up, floral designer was not on my list. I wanted to be a doctor, then an interior designer (thank you HGTV), and lastly a sports medicine trainer. All very different and all not arranging flowers. I started at Mississippi State undecided, and it was through an art elective that I found my life’s passion. Floral Design has provided me with a way to help people, use my aesthetic eye, and organize all the details leading up to an event. Perfect! After four long years of hard work, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture with a concentration in Floral Management (who knew there was such a thing). What it means is I spent time learning the design, the science and the business of floral design. What it means for you is I am perfectly suited to help you plan your wedding or event.

I believe it is the details of an event that determine the good from the truly memorable. It is in those moments that memories are made. My goal is take your personal style and infuse it into the floral designs of your wedding or event in a way that it is timeless and personal. Please send me an email with any questions and follow my adventures in design through Instagram.